Static Mixers to be used in conjunction with Ozone Generators.

Model Number Description
SM-12-20 Static Mixer 1/2″, x: 20mm, Length: 252mm, Flow Rate: 0.4-1T/h
SM-34-25 Static Mixer 3/4″, x: 25mm, Length: 330mm, Flow Rate: 0.6-1.2T/h
SM-1-32 Static Mixer 1″, x: 32mm, Length: 420mm, Flow Rate: 1-3.2T/h
SM-112-50 Static Mixer 1.5″, x:50mm, Length: 565mm, Flow Rate: 2.2-8T/h
SM-2-63 Static Mixer 2″, x: 63mm, Length: 695mm, Flow Rate: 3.5-18T/h