Ion-Exchange Resin


Price as indicated is for 1 x 25l bag.

Designed for use in industrial or household water conditioning equipment. Its acidity is similar to some inorganic acids, such as sulfuric acid [H2SO4] and hydrochloric acid[HCl]. It can be used as an ion-exchanger in alkaline, neutral or acidic mediums. This product has speedy exchange ability and good physical properties.
This product has similar properties too: Amberlite IR-120, Dowex-50, Lewatit-100 and Purolite C100E.

Executing standard: GB/T 13659-2008  DL/T519-2004

Can be used in hard water softening, pure water manufacturing, hydro-metallurgy, rare elements separation and aminophenol extracting. Widely used in following industries: Water treatment, sugar manufacturing, pharmaceutical, monosodium glutamate and hydro-metallurgy.

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Physical and Chemical Properties:

Polymer Matrix Structure: Crosslinked Polystyrene Divinylbenzene
Physical Form and Appearance: Yellow colour beads
Functional Groups: R-SO3¯
Ionic Form, as shipped: Na+
Total Capacity, Na+ form, wet, volumetric: ≥1.9 EQ/l min
Moisture Retention, Na+ form: 45-50%
Particle Size Range: 0.3mm-1.2mm or 0.3mm-0.6mm
<300 µm (max.): 1%
Uniformity Coefficient (max.): 1.6
Effective size: 0.4-0.7mm
Reversible Swelling Na+ → H+ (max.): 10%
Ca2+→Na+(max.): 5%
Shipping Weight (approx.): 770 -870g/l
Specific Gravity, moist Na+ Form: 1.27
Temperature Limit: 120°C (250 °F)
pH Range, Stability: 0-14

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